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GBIS Maximizer is an affordable software-only solution designed to significantly enhance Web access over low-speed (less than 200 kbps/second) connections. By contrast, DSL and cable modems provide high-speed Internet connectivity using hardware solutions that work with special telephone or cable lines.

The price for DSL or cable modem is significantly higher than GBIS Maximizer. In addition to the higher price, many areas simply do not have DSL or cable Internet service available.

Web page performance is measured by the amount of time it takes to download an entire Web page into your browser. So, when comparing the performance improvement delivered by GBIS Maximizer with an unaccelerated Internet connection, we configure two identical computers. Both are connected to the Internet at the same dial-up connection speed and both have the same PC and Internet browser configuration.

Using an automated browsing measurement tool (i.e. a surfing "bot"), both computers visit the same Web pages multiple times. In order to eliminate variations in download speed caused by various network factors, we take the average times for downloading the same page with and without GBIS Maximizer and compare the two averages in order to determine the improvement factor for a specific Web page (example: 5X represents the high-end of the frequently measured averaged results.

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