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Awesome service
very awesome service I've have some problems and they very helpful
4 April 2011 - Sparks, Nv

Recent Help
To Who It May Concern,.First I truly want to thank you for the recent help that I received from your techs. I'm not much of a letter writer, but sometimes certain events just warrant something more then just a "thank you". I've had you people for about ten years, and in all those years, have never received anything short of the finest service anyone could hope for from any service of any kind. Most recently installing my old wn 98 and also my xp. As usual your people not only guided me through and solved my problems. However, what impresses me more then anything else, is there willingness and patience when dealing with someone like me with the puter iq of a chimpanzee. lol But really, i'm very grateful and you should be congratulated on your choice of staff.
Fine bunch. Thanks again.

Respectfully, K.C
3 October 2008 - Hawthorne, NV

GBIS Customer Service
Yesterday I had a problem with coordinating my PC with a laptop at a different location from my home and asked for assistance from Annie Martin. Annie was courteous knowledgeable and conscientious in walking me through my problem. It took over two hours above and beyond the call of duty. This is unusual in this day and age.

As a senior citizen, who is not a techie, we find so many instances of getting incorrect information and customer service from individuals shining us on or who just want to get rid of us.

As a long time customer of GBIS it is rewarding to get real customer service from people of Annie’s caliber.

Thanks again for helping me with my problem and you should be proud to have employees such as Annie. Keep up the good work.

Doug Smith, President
Scenic Nevada
Member, Scenic America, Board of Directors
6 August 2008 - Reno, NV

Customer Support Team is The Best
While we were at the cabin on Highway 49 over the weekend . using the telephone connection . my computer got hit with a "spam" blast. This is the second time this has happened, and it results in all emails being removed to clear the computer and get it back on track. Mac has changed many of its settings, but I think . that we . the GBIS support team and I working together . have solved the problem. Their support staff is wonderful, working through problems step by step! Their whole team is truly a support team, in the very best sense of the word "support"!
Jean M.
23 July 2008 - Reno, NV

Better ways to do things
When Long Creek Music & Publishing, LLC went online we were as nervous as a first time tight rope artist. GBIS's staff helped as work out capacity problems and find better ways to do things. No hidden fees or someone trying to sell us something extra. Just always someone friendly, even when we forget to tell them we switched credit cards. We watched them grow and they've taken us right along. The first decade's been great. We're looking forward to the next! Now that our products are starting to roll out we're thrilled to have this level of quality service right here in our own backyard!

Bob Schlesinger, CEO
Long Creek Music & Publishing, LLC
8 July 2008 - Reno, NV

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