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05.11.2017(Last Update: 10:05 PST)
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05.11.2017(Last Update: 09:05 PST)

10.04.2016(Last Update: 10:10 PST)
FCC Chairman Visits GBIS

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski met with executives from Great Basin Internet Services (GBIS) and the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA) on Monday, July 30th at the former’s offices on Ridge Street. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues affecting Wireless Internet Service Providers, ISP's in general and their concerns for the Internet going forward. The Chairman was in the Northern Nevada and Eastern Calif area reviewing Internet services in areas that included Reno and Markleeville.

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Mr. Genachowski, accompanied by Carol Mattey, the FCC Deputy Chief of the Wireline Competition Bureau, met with GBIS owner Barry Sherwood, GBIS founder Bruce Robertson, WISPA board member Jack Unger and other GBIS staff. Initially, they discussed the history, services and coverage area of GBIS in the Northern Nevada area. The Chairman toured the data center and some of the GBIS wireless access points in order to better understand the workings and challenges facing small WISP's in the areas of technology and customer service requirements. They also discussed both the history of broadband services in this area and thoughts on where broadband coverage and service may be heading in the future.

Central to the discussions were ways for smaller telcom providers to have better lines of communication with the FCC. The possibility exists of setting up a liaison within the FCC that has the responsibility of being a single point of contact to help deal with the questions and issues of this industry.

After the meeting, GBIS President Barry Sherwood said “While no hard decisions were made, our meeting with Mr. Genachowski was extremely productive, and we believe that the lines of communication remain open between the FCC and Northern Nevada Internet Service Providers and Great Basin Internet Services specifically. GBIS and WISPA are committed to the future of wireless Internet service.”

10.04.2016(Last Update: 10:10 PST)
411/Information Incorrect!

We've recently discovered that 411/Information and some printed phone books are giving out incorrect addresses and phone numbers for us. We are trying to get this corrected. In the meantime, our contact number is the same as it's always been: 775-348-7299. Please do feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

09.30.2010(Last Update: 09:09 PST)
GBIS Webmail Upgraded

For security and stability purposes, we have upgraded our webmail system. The new version offers several new features, such as a WYSIWYG editor for composing messages, and the ability to select and delete all messages from any folder. Customer email accounts were not affected by this upgrade: only the webmail software was changed. The servers that maintain mailboxes are separate from the webmail server.


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