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What is GBIS Metro Ethernet?

GBIS Metro Ethernet is a general term used to describe an Ethernet technology network in a metropolitan area. GBIS Metro Ethernet has the potential to increase the cost efficiency of network capacity, and can also offer a wide range of service in a simple, scalable, and flexible manner.

GBIS Metro Ethernet is used for two primary purposes. It is used for connectivity to the public Internet, and is also used for connectivity between corporate sites that are separated geographically. The latter use for Metro Ethernet goes beyond the reach and function of corporate networks.

What speeds are available with GBIS Metro Ethernet?

GBIS Metro Ethernet is a symmetric bandwidth product, meaning your speed will be the same in both the upload and the download. Standard speeds are 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 mbps. Custom speed packages of up to 100 mbps are available as well. Contact our Sales Department either by email or call us at (775) 348-7299 and for your custom quote.

What are the Advantages of GBIS Metro Ethernet?

Gigabit Ethernet based platforms, or Metro Ethernet, in metropolitan areas has proven commercially successful. GBIS Metro Ethernet is also a proven Ethernet technology for avoiding the bandwidth bottleneck that occurs when too many corporate networks are connected to one metropolitan area network.

GBIS Metro Ethernet eliminates a layer of complexity from WAN access, thus reducing configuration requirements. Ethernet technology's plug-and-play feature also enables a simple migration path from low to high speeds. Therefore, Metro Ethernet makes it relatively easy to integrate and interface end-customer IT systems. GBIS Metro Ethernet technology services are already being used successfully.


  • Completely dynamic bandwidth availability
  • No expensive router aggregation interfaces!
  • Cost effective multi-linking of circuits easily scale of 1.5 Mbps - 100 Mbps!
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Voice Options

Metro Ethernet is a perfect fit with all of our Business Voice Products. Not only can your company enjoy the fastest and most reliable Broadband Internet service, but you can also take advantage of our feature rich vPBX and Voip options. For more information on what GBIS Voice can do for you Click Here. Or better yet give our Sales Team a call at (775) 348-7299.

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