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Wi-fi solutions

Our Wireless Hot Spot Solutions Are Intended To Provide Optimal Cost, Ease of Deployment, and Ease of Use, For Any Business

We offer the promise of "Anytime, Anywhere!" broadband access to the Internet, Wi-Fi "Hot Spots" are popping up everywhere; from College Campuses, to City Laundromats, Regional Sports Arenas, and even the Public Library. With the goal of improving profits through additional foot traffic and/or larger food tabs, business owners generally offer these services as a free amenity - one that is increasingly expected by customers.

We know that as a business owner you're constantly considering your options toward obtaining the lowest possible capital and operating cost. In addition, most local business owners do not have the time to become hot spot service experts. Whether installing hundreds of hot spots across a large national footprint or deploy-ing a few stand-alone sites, the solution must be simple to install and operate. It must also be convenient and easy for customers to use. To encourage the broadest profile of customers, the solution must also offer the more robust security that is required to confidently connect to their corporate offices. Higher security levels may further be required as business owners use their own hot spot services to communicate with corporate headquarters.

Our Robust access control features include "zero configuration", ease of use, and flexible 802.1x or Web-based Universal Access Method (UAM) authentication, assuring compatibility with both legacy and new Wi-Fi client devices. Hot spot access models that range from credit card payment to promotional scratch cards are supported through integration with either the embedded custom web portal or through a 3rd party provider offering back-end services that include captive portal, authentication, and billing. In addition, robust authentication and usage based accounting services are provided via integration with existing RADIUS AAA services.

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