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Spam filter
Just a note of thanks for providing excellent spam filtering.

In the beginning your (and everyone else's) filters were pretty rudimentary and false negatives (valid mail being tagged as spam) were a significant problem. My wife and I have endured manual filtering for several years and just recently decided to give yours another chance.

Your filters catch roughly 95% of the spam and I've experienced less than 1% false negatives and so far my wife hasn't experienced any. Of the spam that does make it through, so far none of them have been from any porn sites.

My wife and I both used to receive over a hundred pieces of spam every day, now the number is in the single digits.

I've been with Great Basin for over ten years and this level of service is one of the many reasons why.

Thank you.

Dick Flanagan
1 January 2005 - Minden, NV

Thank you
I had a minor problem after downloading. But the error was mine. But like always, your people got me straightened out,.for which I want to thank you all again. I have to tell you again,.in all my life,.I've never received the attention and help that I've gotten from you people over the years. I only hope that things never get to that point where we loose that personal attention. Again, thank you. K.C. Shane
31 May 2004 - Walker Lake, NV

hi from Walker Lake
Hi, I just wanted you to know that I have been with your company for 4 years and couldn't be happier. I have had my modem blow out twice and each time you replaced and then refunded my money. Anytime I have any kind of problem, your tech's are so helpful and nice. I have met a couple of them when I had to go to Reno to get the modem fixed and they were as nice in person as they were on the phone. I have caught a virus for the second time in 2 months and your tech's helped me out. Just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your service and the people that work for you. Linda Davis
11 May 2004 - Walker Lake, NV

New web site
Dear GBIS,
I simply wanted to write in order to say that I think the new website looks and works great, and that I truly appreciate the new DSL prices and speeds. As a new DSL/long time dialup customer I'd like to add that I am pleased with the service I have recieved and look forward to supporting your business for as long as I am living in Reno.
Thank you kindly,
Kurt Riedi
5 May 2004 - Reno, NV

five year family member
its funny I was trying to convince someone else to convert to GBIS from another ISP just the other day. I always speak highly of you and your staff. Its really hard to believe that its been five years now. Everyone there from the front office to after hours tech support and now yourselves personally have been very helpful. That's very important to me, The personal touch.

Anyway, as I said I am very happy with your services and wish at some point to upgrade to DSL. Its alittle pricy for me so I have to somehow figure out a way to budget it in.

thanks again for the letter, what a great touch.

Christopher W. Gear
19 February 2003 - Reno, NV

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