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WOW! Thanks. I appreciate it. I've never been able to do this for myself (although I've tried) because I didn't have the password. Thanks! I've been a customer for many years.more than 10 I think, and I appreciate all your good folks!
8 October 2006 - Reno, NV

Spam filter
I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate you! I use the Sani Mail feature frequently and am impressed by the frequency of your spam/virus definition updates. Thank you. Sure saves me a bunch of headaches!
4 October 2006 - Mina, NV

Thank you
Thank you so much for your help these past two days. My internet is now up and running. I sincerely appreciated your checking out my equipment and the AT&T man was great and found the problem and repaired it. I have been using Great Basin for 8 years or more and you guys are great. Thanks again.
Rae Engelhardt
15 September 2006 - Carson City, NV

Thank you
It's so nice having you in the same town - I don't know if it's just my imagination but the other services I've had don't seem to go as smoothly as GBIS. Blessings, and thanks again for the info!
15 August 2006 - Reno, NV

Thank you
Thank you for all that gbis has done for our family. It has been a pleasure having your service, you certainly have met all of our internet needs. I am looking forward to many more wonderful years with you too.
Thanks again,
10 October 2005 - Silver City, NV

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